Sociology is all about making sense of our shared society in uncertain times. As a discipline rooted in the scientific method, Eastern Kentucky University’s Sociology program provides Gen-Z an extraordinary opportunity to study the things they love (including animals, environments, sex, discrimination, politics and even sports) while also earning valuable job skills that employers want. Today’s job market favors the soft skills and job certifications offered through this EKU program. Sociology makes an ideal first or second major often paired with business, animal studies, communications, criminal justice and psychology.

Degree Concentrations

Bachelor’s Minor Certificate
Sociology Sociology Diversity in Society
Social Analytics and Demographics
Sociology and Recreation Studies
Economic Sociology


Internship Opportunities for Students

Sociology offers internship credit hours for students interested in pairing with organizations in our region. Contact Dr. Maples ( with questions. On-campus internships are also available!

Job Opportunities for Graduates

  • Data Analysis
  • Human Resources and Human Relations
  • Market Research
  • Government and Policy
  • Community Activision and Organization
  • Social Services
  • Tourism and Recreation Research
  • Communications, Journalism and Media
  • Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Pharmacy, Dentistry and Medicine
  • Law

Recent Graduates Are…

  • Doing data analysis and marketing work in firms and social services across the region.
  • Creating change through community engagement right here in Eastern Kentucky.
  • Shaping policy, supporting development, and improving well-being in our local communities.
  • Completing advanced degrees in pharmacy, dentistry and medicine at R1 universities.
  • Using their diversity training in human resources and public administration jobs across the nation.
  • Generating tourism research that supports rural economies.
  • Improving health in Eastern Kentucky through epidemiology and social services positions.
  • Teaching around the world after receiving PhDs in sociology, epidemiology and statistics.

Career Outlook

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Scholarship Opportunities

Students in the EKU Sociology program are eligible to apply for the following scholarships:


Sociology Program