Love language and culture? An Eastern Kentucky University Certificate in German Studies can be a valuable addition to nearly any degree, opening doors in the U.S. and internationally. Develop applicable skills that last a lifetime. Learn more below.

Degree Concentrations

German Conversation and Culture (15 credit hours)


An EKU Certificate in German Conversation and Culture consists of 15 credit hours, including:

  • GER 101 and 102* (or equivalent)
  • FCC 210 or 222
  • GER 201
  • GER 202

A grade of ā€œCā€ or higher is required in each course for credit toward the certificate.
If you have high school credit in German, contact Dr. Abbey Poffenberger about earning credit for your knowledge.
*Not open to native German speakers. Ask Dr. Abbey Poffenberger about other placement options.

Scholarship Opportunities

Students in the German Studies program are eligible to apply for the following scholarships:

  • Dr. Ursel Doris Boyd and Freida Weidemann German Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Leslie Parrish Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad


German Studies