Are you fascinated by the complexity and diversity of life? Dive into the science of living things with a degree in biology. Eastern Kentucky University’s Biology program prepares you for a wide variety of exciting scientific careers. Learn from dedicated, top-notch faculty in state-of-the-art facilities, and take part in cutting-edge research opportunities. The Department of Biological Sciences also offers B.S. programs in Biomedical Sciences and Wildlife Management and an M.S. program in Biology.

Degree Concentrations

Master of Science Bachelor’s Minor
Biology General Biology Biology
Biodiversity and Conservation
  Biology Teaching


Job Opportunities for Graduates

  • Laboratory technician
  • Health communication / health educator
  • Medical and health services management
  • Environmental consulting
  • State or federal regulatory agencies
  • Nature conservation
  • Science writer
  • Teacher

The biology program will also prepare you for successful graduate study, leading to a career in research, post-secondary teaching or medical practice.

Career Outlook

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Scholarship Opportunities

Students in the biology program are eligible to apply for the following scholarships:

  • Robert S. Lance Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Dan R. Varney Memorial Scholarship
  • Arthur and Frieda Bingham Prize
  • LaFuze Scholarships in Biology
  • Booth Scholarship (Math and Science)
  • Meredith J. Cox Scholarship Fund (Pre-Med)
  • Clarence H. Gifford Science Scholarship in Sciences
  • Marathon Scholarship

For more information, and to apply, visit Scholarships and Awards.


Department of Biological Sciences