Eastern Kentucky University is the place to be for students who dream of taking flight. Our aviation program is the only one of its kind in Kentucky, and our graduates are some of the industry’s best, most forward-thinking professionals. Learn more about this exciting, in-demand program.

Degree Concentrations

Bachelor’s Minors
Aerospace Management Aviation (Flight)
Professional Flight Aerospace Management
Aerospace Technology


Internship Opportunities for Students

  • Bluegrass Airport Operations Internship Program

Where are Recent Graduates Employed?

Graduates of the Professional Flight degree are employed at, or prepared for jobs with:

  • All major airlines
  • All regional airlines
  • Many foreign airlines
  • Aviation Charter companies
  • All five U.S. military services with aviation elements
  • Corporate flying jobs with companies owning their own airplane

The Aerospace Management prepares you for careers with hands-on training in operations, scheduling and dispatch at:

  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Corporate Aviation
  • Government agencies such as the FAA, NASA, and NTSB

Career Outlook

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Scholarship Opportunities

Students in the EKU Aviation program are eligible to apply for the following institutional scholarships:

  • AirMart Aviation Scholarship
  • Patricia Edison Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert L. “Bob” Erekson Scholarship in Aviation
  • H. Lee Moore Jr. Scholarship
  • Tag Veal Memorial Scholarship


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