Degree Programs

The Department of Physics, Geosciences, and Astronomy offers bachelor of science degrees in the areas of environmental and applied geology and in physics. We also offer a university certificate in geography information science and several minors.

We offer a variety of courses in astronomy, geography, geology and physics that fulfill the General Education – Area 4: Natural Science requirement.

Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

Our curriculum guides and 4-Year planners (below) can help students plan their academic progress by listing the necessary classes as well as an example 4-year schedule.

Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Our university certificate in GIS can be added to a B.S. degree or pursued as a separate certification. This certificate can be completed with 24 hours of coursework on topics that prepare students to enter the workforce in areas that use GIS.


Our minors range from 18-21 hours. Specifics on each can be found in our EKU Catalog.

  • Earth Science/Teaching
  • Environmental Geosciences
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Physics
  • Physics/Teaching