Department of Physics, Geosciences & Astronomy

The Department of Physics, Geosciences & Astronomy emphasizes hands-on experience focused on real-world problems to prepare students to lead the next generations of astronomers, environmental geoscientists, physicists, and engineers.

Physics teaches inventive thinking and problem- solving - making physicists desirable in fields as diverse as astronomy, computer science, law, medicine, and biophysics. We offer degrees in general physics, physics-engineering, and physics teaching.

Geologic and geographic information and analysis is key to variety of exciting fields—from alternative energy solutions, weather and climate systems, hydrology, and natural disasters & hazards mitigation.  We offer a degree in environmental & applied geology and a GIS certificate that can give you a competitive edge in fields as diverse as environmental management, criminal justice, health care, and more.

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Department of Physics, Geosciences, & Astronomy
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