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EKU Honors has filled our Class of Fall 2022. Applications for Fall 2023 will open early in the Fall 2022 semester. If you have questions about applying, please email

EKU Honors strives to build an incoming class of future leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Applying to honors is a competitive process. There are a limited number of spots available to new honors students each year.

The priority application deadline is January 15, and the final application deadline is April 1. We strongly encourage all applicants to apply by the priority deadline.

Only students admitted in the priority pool are eligible to choose their Honors LLC room early.

The honors application includes the online application form, a résumé and three short essays. Each honors application is reviewed by a committee of faculty, staff and current honors students who consider each part of the application. Instructions for the resume and essays are below. Please review these instructions before beginning your application.

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Resume Instructions

Your resume allows the selection committee to learn more about your activities and interests. Please follow these instructions when preparing your resume:

  • Save your resume as a PDF labeled as “lastname_firstname_resume.pdf”
  • Your resume should be no more than two (2) typed pages.
  • In your resume, include detailed information about any of your activities in the categories below. Include beginning and ending dates for each resume category:
    • Academic and creative activities (including academic competitions, honors societies, creative performances, research activities, etc.)
    • Volunteer and community activities
    • Leadership experiences
    • Employment history
    • Other relevant information not covered elsewhere on your résumé (including other extracurricular activities, athletics, etc.)

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Essay Instructions

EKU Honors is looking for students who communicate in clear and creative ways. Please include your answers to each of the following prompts in one document. Select an example of how your essay should look (PDF, 9.5 Kb). Please follow these instructions when preparing your essay:

  • Save your essay file with the answers to all three essay prompts as a PDF labeled as “lastname_firstname_essays.pdf”
  • Your PDF should be double-spaced in a 12-point font. Each response should be no more than 250 words.

Essay prompts (answer all three):

  1. Explain what motivates you to engage in the EKU community and how you hope to become a leader inside and outside the classroom during your time at EKU and beyond.
  2. Use a specific example from your previous personal and/or educational experiences to tell us how you are ready and eager to become part of a community of actively engaged students and faculty.
  3. How do you see yourself contributing to the Honors Program, and what else would you like to tell us about yourself to help us get to know you better?

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