Financial Aid Forms

Adobe Reader is required to view and print all forms listed below.

Computer Cost Allowance Form (PDF, 79.5 Kb) – Allows for a one-time maximum adjustment of up to $1,000 for the purchase of a computer and/or computer equipment while you are enrolled at Eastern Kentucky University. While this will increase your cost of attendance and possibly allow you to borrow more in student and/or parent loans, it will have no impact on any grants or scholarships you receive.

Discharged Loan Form (PDF, 315 Kb) – Required for students who have had one or more student loans discharged because of total and permanent disability and are reapplying for financial aid.

EKU Consortium Form (PDF, 155 Kb) – Required for students enrolled concurrently at EKU and at another institution during the same term with EKU being the home school disbursing financial aid.

Graduate Enrollment Status Form (PDF, 344 Kb) – The Graduate cost of attendance is based on enrollment of 6 credit hours per semester. If you enroll in more than 6 credit hours, you may request your cost of attendance to be adjusted accordingly.

PLUS Loan Denial Exemption (PDF, 309 Kb) – Dependent students may be eligible for additional unsubsidized loan amounts if the student can document exceptional circumstances which prevent a parent from borrowing a PLUS loan.

Scholarship/Other Aid Resources Form (PDF, 34.9 Kb) – Used to report up to six other financial aid resources which are not listed with Big E Central.



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