Professional Judgment Policy For Adjusting Expected Family Contribution

Section 479A of the Higher Education Amendments of 1992 authorized the financial aid administrator to exercise Professional Judgment (PJ) on a case-by-case basis. The aid administrator may adjust the expected family contribution (EFC).

With the passage of the Higher Education Amendments of 1992, there is now a single need analysis methodology for all Title IV programs including the Federal Pell Grant. This has given the financial aid administrator the authority to use professional judgment for the Pell Grant as well as all other Title IV programs.

Conditions/Reasons for Which a Student May Request An Adjustment to Their EFC:

1. Loss of wages (student, spouse or parent[s])

2. Separation or divorce of parent or student after application

3. Death of parent or spouse after application

4. Loss of one time income

It is the policy of Eastern Kentucky University’s Big E Central that we begin to use PJ to make adjustments to the EFC on February 1st for the upcoming award year. Accuracy in your income projection(s) is very important. It is the policy of Big E Central to not process future adjustments for any student who underestimates his/her household income by more than 15% for an adjustment calculation. For adjustments to income processed after January 1 of the award year, students and parents will be asked to provide current tax forms or W-2s. Once again, this is to provide the Department of Education with the most current, up-to-date information possible.

Procedure to Follow

  • You must complete an Adjustment Request form.
  • Personnel in Big E Central will review all requests on a case-by-case basis.
  • Once the form is returned to Big E Central, it will be reviewed by the financial aid counselor. Any discrepancies will have to be resolved before the final adjustment to the EFC can be made.
  • Once the adjustment is completed, corrections to your FAFSA will be made electronically by Big E Central and sent to the Federal Processor. Once the correction is made by the U.S. Department of Education, Big E Central will notify you in writing of the change in your expected family contribution and new award amount(s).

You will be notified if there is no change to your EFC or financial aid awards.



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